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Passage/ text/ story from The Old Testament Of The Bible

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Passage/ text/ story from The Old Testament Of The Bible

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Passage/ text/ story from The Old Testament of the Bible
In the book of Daniel 3:16-18 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to bow down to false Gods as ordered by Nebuchadnezzar who was their leader but they refused and instead desired to suffer but serve the living God. This is a scenario that happens even today when men and women desire to follow after earthly things instead of the teachings of God. The desires of such things often lead to death but peace and everlasting life to those who follow after Christ.
The story of Daniel, Meshach and Abednego as depicted in the book of Daniel 3 indicates men who were appointed into high office by their boss Nebuchadnezzar. All of them were supposed to work under their boss and serve the people in the province of Babylon as shown in Daniel 2:49. The three faithful followers of God were Jews who were endowed with wisdom, knowledge and skills from God. God himself had ensured such positions for them so that His name was made manifest among the people from the region (Brueggemann 128).
They enjoyed favor from the people because of their position a chance most of the people from the region would not enjoy. In the eyes of the King, the natives and God they were blessed, and were seen as an enigma by different other opponents. Such a condition changed for the worse during one season when the Kind decided to make golden images that were to be worshiped by the natives and the Jews alike. All the people from the Kingdome were to worship the golden images of suffer in a den of fire. The command became a challenge for Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.
A decision of defending their families, lives, families, blessings arose at this time but as the bible records in Daniel 3:8-12, they decided to obey God (Flynn 694). They were brought before the king who was very angry at this time, but was also able to give them a second opportunity to rethink about their decision. They refused to worship the images and were later thrown into the burning furnace. At this time they told the king that the God they served was able to deliver them from his hands but even if he couldn’t they were never going to bow down to the golden images he had developed.
The passage fits after the three refused to bow down to the images and instead desired to die or get saved by their savior. It indicates men who are strong willed and able to stand and defend their course without any fear. They made many people including the king to change and see God as one who was able to deliver His people when faced with different obstacles.
The book of Daniel is noble representation of all accounts and visions of Daniel who was a Jew together with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and position in Babylon. It is among the Major Prophets and indicates the superiority nature of their God. Most scholars however view the book of Daniel as an apocalypse and not a prophetic book.
The simple interpretation of the book of Daniel is that God is able to save people from their enemies just as He saved Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (Aaron 174). It also indicates that He was able to save the whole of Israel from the hands of their oppressors just as he saved his three faithful servants. The only requirement for people to have is to ensure that their faith is fully engraved with Him at all time and all their needs can be met without any problem. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were people of faith and they knew clearly that God was going to save them from any oppression if they only followed after His precepts.
The claim of the passage is that blessings often come as a result of faith and unconditional obedience to God. The three young men decided that they were not going to bow down to the golden images even if God was not ready to deliver them. They were ready to die for their course and make the world know that the God they served was able to wonders even in crisis time. God desires that the church be ready for him and this can only happen if they obey Him fully. Through obedience human beings can successfully be called children of God and have eternal life when He comes the second time to take his people home. Through obedience Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were able to detest the evil ways of the devil and follow after the true God of Israel (Lemaire 230).
In conclusion, unconditional love and obedience is paramount for all Christians who profess to know and follow God. Submitting fully to His will shows that the individual is ready to die or suffer but ensure resurrection when He comes back the second time. God delivers and obedience should never be based upon it or any other condition that can be placed on man.

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