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Particulars of the UPS

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Particulars of the UPS

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: IT Technology

Level: College

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I have observed that there is need to shed more light to the college management on the particulars of an UPS. An UPS refers to the Uninterrupted-Power-Supply. It has got a battery to maintain the power during instances of power outbreak. As such, it keeps the machine or computer working for a while after the power breakout. By so doing, it enables the PC users to save all the documents to prevent loss as a result of the power loss. Currently, there are various UPSs that have a software components that enable the individual to automate the backup of the machine. When that happens, the machine is in a position to save the documents automatically before it shuts down.
There are at least two types of the UPS. They include the standby power-systems, and the online-UPS-systems (Miller, pg21). The first type known as the SPS monitors the systems power line and switches to the battery power when it identifies a problem. The second type has an inverter that provides power constantly to prevent the power lapses. The online UPSs are more expensive, but more efficient than the standby UPSs.
The standard UPSs cost one thousand to ten thousand US$. However, there are some other that cost less than that depending on the specifications of the buyers. The higher the price, the higher the quality of the UPSs (Rode, pg44). When purchasing the UPS, the frequency and the voltage of the UPS has to be considered. That is because the frequency determines how fast it makes the relevant adjustments t…

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