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Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Business

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 550

Part 1: Analysis of Impacts
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Mergers and Acquisition is an important process for the businesses that wish to combine their strengths and increase their market shares. However, there exist serious challenges both during and after merging that can dictate the failure of the resultant business. Communication breakdown between the leadership of the business and its stakeholder is one of the factors that contribute to the failure of any merger deal. In this paper, a general perspective of merger transaction between AT & T and Time Warner Inc. and worth $85.4 billion is analyzed to identify the stakeholders at risk, their concerns and strategies to mitigate communication issues at their level. This study concludes that an effective communication plan with interactive strategies is necessary to keep each stakeholder participating. Additionally, strategies outlined in such plan must influence effectiveness, appropriateness, and ability to evaluate the impacts of each message the company sends to its stakeholders. Consequently, the stakeholders can achieve their best performance for increased productivity, productivity, and growth of the business.
Keywords: Merge and acquisition, AT &T, Time Warner Inc., stakeholders, communication plan, strategies, recommendations, gossips, rumors.
Part 1: Analysis of Impacts
Mergers deals involve two businesses joining to form one with the aims of increasing market shares, reduce comp…

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