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Parent statement
It is my great pleasure to introduce my daughter, (name, years). (Name) has shown determination in her studies where she has qualified to join high school, and thus I am glad to write this statement for your consideration. (Name) is a nice girl, who is ever active in performing her duties and aiding in family chores. Her competencies in both academics and co-curriculum activities will best suit her in your school. Besides, she is best in drama and most of her time she spends in acting.
(Name) pays attention to her teacher’s instructions and focuses on teamwork to bring out the best in her studies. By nature, (name) is a cooperative and loyal child. She likes learning making new friends and heeding orders. Moreover, she has incomparable competencies in co-curriculum activities which are embraced in your school.
She is a brilliant student who performs better in social sciences. Additionally, she embraces learning new things and tackling challenging tasks pertaining her studies. She is capable of making informed decisions after critically thinking on particular issues. This enables her to strike a balance between social, psychological, and academic matters (Davis et al. pp.54). However, she is an A stray student, and her weakness may be the fact that she tends to over think.
Works cited
ADDIN ZOTERO_BIBL {“custom”:[]} CSL_BIBLIOGRAPHY Davis, Larry E., et al. “The Decision of African American Students to Complete Hi…

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