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Compare and contrast Art Work from the Met to Stockstad
The two artworks; the Crucifixion with Saints and a Donor and the Lamentation of Christ are two artworks that are from very close moments. The Crucifixion with Saints and a Donor is the moment that Jesus was crucified on the cross. There were those who were mourning immediately after Jesus’ death. The Lamentation of Christ is also about people mourning over the death of Jesus. This, however, happens later. About the time, He was laid in the tomb. Those are the historical moments of the two artworks. In this paper, I will argue that every artist has where they have drawn their attention to despite a similar environment. I will do so by discussing the different perception each has and the different imaginative abilities humans have.
A field illustration is easier to explain about different perceptions. To achieve this, a scenario where one takes different artists in a particular place would explain best. All artists should go to the place at the same time. Assuming the artists draw and paint, they should be asked to draw and paint whatever they saw in the environment they were. The surprising fact is that there are no any two artists will have similar artworks. Assuming our venue was an open field, it is possible to find images such as; an image of the grass, another of the skies, another drawing their fellow artists among others. Sometimes it even becomes diffic…

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