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Outline for order 217332321

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In the past few years, the United States of America has had numerous threats posed by terrorism and terrorist attacks leading to a surge in research and academic studies on counterterrorism. In particular, after the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States a threat that posed international terrorism hence becoming a significant security concern among nations on the globe. In response to the growing menace of terrorism, different governments increased spending in counterterrorism measures and encouraged the development of academic programs to study aspects of counterterrorism with an aim of averting terrorist attacks in future.
The international communities have hence agreed to work together to end the regime of terrorism through partner agencies like the Federal Burial Of Investigation(FBI), Criminal Intelligence Agency(CIA),and the NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION(NATO) to work on enhanced danger, mindfulness groups and individuals thus creating satisfactory abilities and upgrading engagement with accomplice nations and other worldwide. This would be possible after the understanding of the jihad movement concepts and trends; identifying their weaknesses as well as their moments will it become easy to wipe them out of existence.
To prevent more threats by terrorism groups, the U.S government has well equipped its counter-terrorism agency, NATO that monitors and apprehends active and suspected criminals all around the globe. This assures safety for everyone in the friendly arms of the U.S. In order for this to work as intended the U.S government has to:
1) Building Security Partnerships with allies to strengthen and curb the burden of insecurity the U.S has. This partnership and engagement of intelligence sharing on shared values will be one of the breakthroughs in the war on terror all around the world.2) Applying CT Tools and Capabilities appropriately will help monitor militias behaviors. This will be possible by acquiring advanced technology that both sides have, but more over the skills and timely deployment will be essential for advanced attacks, hit the enemy before he hits. This is the more and most efficient strategy government has majorly invested in troops and agencies.3) Building a Culture of Resilience society will be the end goal in the fight against terrorism. This helps create awareness to the government as it helps monitor and investigate behavior on suspicious people across the country.

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