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To what extent does isolation (physical, emotional or societal) cause a character to evaluate his or her moral beliefs or personal convictions?
Introduction paragraph:
Kathy H. is viewed as a carer from the beginning of the novel. The end of her livelihood and she approaches this by reflecting on her memories of her privileged upbringing in the private and exclusive school of Hailsham.
Some may argue that isolation does not have an impact on the formulation of perceptions or identities that eventually shape the moral beliefs and personal convictions of individuals. However, In the novel, Never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro, the characters have undergone isolation which shapes their moral beliefs and personal convictions.
P1 Hailsham represents a form of isolation from the rest of the society
Q1 “There have been times over the years when I’ve tried to leave Hailsham behind, when I’ve told myself I shouldn’t look back so much. But then there came a point when I just stopped resisting. It had to do with this particular donor I had once, in my third year as a carer; it was his reaction when I mentioned I was from Hailsham.” (Ishiguro p5).E1 This quotation expresses Kathy’s introduction in the first chapter where she integrates a relentless and characteristic impulse to look into her past that guides the rest of the novel.
P2 Isolation has shaped the perceptions of the characters up until they reach a realization.
Q2 “If we’d left it at seeing the woma…

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