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organizing and implementing the curriculum

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organizing and implementing the curriculum

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Organizing and Implementing the Curriculum
Organizing and Implementing the Curriculum
Organizing and implementing a curriculum is critical for the achievement of educational goals. In organizing and implementing the curriculum, it is important to follow specific guidelines and consider some fundamental factors that influence the success of a given curriculum. Therefore, such factors may vary depending on location and must be applied in the context of a particular state.
It is important to determine the organizational structures and system under which the curriculum will be implemented (Wang & Bryan, 2014). This provides a foundation for all the activities involved and gives a clear guideline for various activities. The structures and systems are determined by states and school districts to accommodate diversity. It must also address the culture and values of a state and a district where possible.
Goals must be set up for the academic levels that the curriculum will cover. Specific goals must exist with clear deliverables that can be measured (Oliva & Gordon, 2013). The goals are the intended outcomes in terms of academic excellence, co-curricular activities, and general development of students. The student welfare must be among the goals where the psychological, physical, and intellectual development must be prioritized. These must include basic academic and life skills.
Curriculum developers must also consider the possibility of success …

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