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Organization & Human Resources Management

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Organization & Human Resources Management

Category: Quantitative Research

Subcategory: Human Resources

Level: College

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In most organizations, there are normally administrators who are doing administration duties. The way they speak to employees and how they behave within an organization plays a major role in getting better results as well as achieving the organizational goals. Normally, administrators speak and behave professionally. The professional administrators normally speak respectfully regardless whether you have a low status or a high status. In most cases, they act as the role model for others to copy. Also, good administrators normally speak skillfully to other employees to communicate well.
Based on duties and roles of an administrator, there are specific behaviors that I emulate and admire from currently existing administrators. As an administrator, I would like to build cooperative efforts in the team that I lead to work better. I would create an atmosphere where workers will feel free to tell their concerns without fear of being fired. I would be sensitive the needs of subordinate staff and also give them motivation depending on their merits.
As an administrator, I would ensure fairness and avoid discrimination at all cost when it comes to dealing with the request from subordinate staff as well as taking decisions. I would ensure that the principle of equality is exercised at all level for fair service delivery. I would speak with authority to exercise but avoid using power for reasons with no basis. My authority would be motivated by the interest of the organization. One of the ways of getting power is through consultation. It would involve people to ensure that the people that I am leading are fully or partly involved in every decision of the organization. It is because the subordinates are the people likely to take part in the actual implementation of the organization’s decisions. Therefore, to receive the good will from the employees, it is important to involve them in the decision to ensure they participate as well as to get their views.
Based on the roles an administrator, I would exercise courtesy towards the people that I lead. The aim is to come up with a conducive environment that will enable them to speak up their concerns. It means that I would be an administrator who listens and takes the concerns of the subordinates with the due care. Being the role model would be my important tools in achieving better results. As an administrator would, therefore, ensure I am fully equipped with the technical competence to be able to act as an example to the people that I lead.
Based on the roles and duties of an administrator, I would ensure that I win the respect of people. Since respect is earned, I would ensure I speak to the subordinate with respect and professionalism. It implies skillful and tactical communication that will enable me to have things done in a proper way. I would establish a sense of direction and control to the people I lead to ensure the organization move in the right direction.
I would involve the employees during planning. It implies that employees will be involved at all levels of planning to win their good will with the aim of achieving better results for the organization. It also involves seeking active participation when it comes to recruiting new individual to join or replace the existing staff.
Good administrative behavior is the key to the success of the organization. In a nutshell, the profession requires human skills, professional competence as well as technical competence.

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