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organic and non-organic

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Organic and Non-Organic
GMO is the abbreviation of Genetically Modified Organisms. There are two types of food: Organic food and GMO food. It is clear that organic food is healthier than GMO because it is natural. Because there is an increase in demand, scientists have invented new ways to improve food (fruit, vegetables, and meats). These improvements might help the consumers in their life. At these days, people should stop consuming GMO, because it has huge differences than the organic food. Moreover, It is essential that GMO is banned from stores and markets.
To start with, GMO foods contain chemical ingredients that are detrimental to human health. When people buy food, they buy their health as well. If the food is organic, there is no debate, good health is guaranteed! But if the food is non-organic, the consumer should be wary how the scientists and traders made this type of food. GMO food poses several health risks to consumers. The chemicals used in GMO foods have the potential to alter human genetics, as well as cause deadly diseases to consumers. From the foregoing, organic food is undoubtedly healthier than GMO.
In addition, the chemicals change the shape and the taste of food. GMO does not have the natural size, taste or shape. For example, the natural color of tomato is red. However, the chemicals that are used in growing GMO tomato will it change its color and smell. Alternatively, the tomato b…

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