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Operations Management & Small Business Management

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Operations Management & Small Business Management

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Operations Management and Small Business Management
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Operations Management and Small Business Management
In the case of my restaurant business, the transformation process entails input activities, environmental aspects, transformation system aspects, monitoring as well as control operations. When executed accordingly, these activities conceive various outputs which are in line with the quality of input activities (Boundless, 2017). In this small business, inputs comprise of a monthly capital of $200. This amount is used to acquire stock and ensure the six employees are paid. As well, equipment and machine maintenance is conducted using this capital. 20 % of this amount is set aside for an emergency. New materials such as utensils, oven, microwave, gas cooker and refrigerators are also a crucial part of input in this business.
The core of the transformation includes the creation of positive and professional producer-consumer relationship. This is achieved by handling and attending to all people who come to have meals at the restaurant professionally. The employees should be competent enough to ensure that they use all the equipment in the restaurant to deliver quality services (Boundless, 2017). For instance, they should use the TV set to ensure consumers are entertained. Use the refrigerator to ensure the consumers get cold drink and food, as well as vegetables, are kept fresh, the microwave to ensure food is warme…

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