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oil spills and there impact

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oil spills and there impact

Category: Article Review

Subcategory: Sociology

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The term oil spill is the act of release of liquid petroleum products into the marine ecosystem due to human activities. Oil can be spilled from drilling rigs, oil wells, offshore platforms or even tankers. Oil spills have great negative impacts on marine ecosystems, human welfare and also change the economic activities of surrounding communities. Those significantly affected are communities living near coastlines who rely on the aquatic environment for subsistence. Regaining their balanced states, ecosystems that have been affected by oil spills takes a long time, but other measures are used such as the use of chemical dispersants but which prove to have further adverse impacts on the marine ecosystems. Oil spills can be adequately managed by careful study of previous oil spill cases thereby coming up with proper measures. Below are case studies of previous oil spill disasters and their impacts on marine ecosystems and human communities.
People living in the coastal area of Louisiana have survived hundreds of years of hurricanes and tens of years of oil spills, but their ability to go back to normality after such events have made them continue staying in the place. The coastal areas of Louisiana are inhabited by Acadians, African-Americans, Filipinos, Cambodians, Dalmatians and Vietnamese making it a diverse population. These communities live in villages along rivers or sm…

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