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Ocean pollution is the act of contaminating marine life intentionally

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Ocean pollution is the act of contaminating marine life intentionally. This is something that is clearly happening in all parts of the world and in one way or the other it seems uncontrollable. The reason why am saying it is intentional is that those doing it have a way of avoiding but they still continue doing it. This has resulted in the deaths of very many sea animals that could have otherwise survived if this was controlled. This contamination started sometimes back when most countries started gaining industrialization and since then, the pollution has continued since, and although there are measures and penalties that have been put in place to punish those doing it, it is still happening. The reason why there is a lot of waste dumped in the ocean is that each and every person is responsible for the dumping. Most people try to hide behind the fact that whatever leads to ocean pollution cannot be avoided. Following below are the various types of pollutions and they are reasons to prove that human beings are the ones responsible. A good example of a claim is where a certain country declares a certain particular region in the sea is controllable by them thus any dumping by any other country will make them liable for it. The reason for this is to make sure that each country has a certain area in the sea that it controls. Also to make sure that ocean pollution in particular countries is reduced to controllable levels. The paragraphs below outline types of pollution and ways to…

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