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Occupational Therapy Practice Framework Revised

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Occupational Therapy Practice Framework Revised

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Occupational Therapy Practice Framework
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The document, in a detailed manner, designates the core concepts that are vital in occupational therapy practice and creates a comprehension of the central principles as well as the goals of the profession. The types of OT interventions section is explained extensively. The categories are put clearly and are supported by comprehensive description and examples
What areas are still confusing?
Some aspects concerning occupational therapy practice framework are not apparent. Example of these are the approaches to intervention and the multifaceted decision making needed in the everyday practice of decision making (Amini, Kannenberg, Bodison, Chang, Colaianni, Goodrich & Lieberman, 2014). This area requires extensive description as it contributes much concerning the health of clients, their well-being as well as involvement in life
Do you like the document?
Yes. First and foremost, it touches on all aspects which are relevant and helpful to occupational therapy practitioners. Additionally, the concepts and language used in the article are in line with the present and emerging practices of occupational therapy which make it more useful. The same thing applies to activity and occupation demands; which are the constituents of occupations as well as activities that occupational therapy specialists put into consideration when performing their operations.
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