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NY Times artical “where you live can hurt you” by Anemona Hartocollis

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NY Times artical “where you live can hurt you” by Anemona Hartocollis

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: College

Pages: 3

Words: 825

Chronic diseases Student’s name
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According to the article where you live can hurt you by Anemona Hartocollis it develop an insight of health problems that are caused by lack of participating in physical activities. However, lack of participating in physical exercise is probably caused by where someone is living. Furthermore, people living in suburb area are less likely to walk in short distances compared to people who live in urban areas. They normally rely on cars and would avoid walking whatsoever, besides engaging in walking is something that has been in existence and a recommended exercise than going to gym (Hartocollis). However, chronic diseases are normally caused by the lifestyle of where people live probably as a result of lack of engaging in physical exercise.
According to the research study, it reports that chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability globally and mainly in the United States. Moreover, the health and conditions of the chronic disease involve heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, stroke, cancer and obesity. These diseases are caused by the health risk behaviors that are probably unhealthy behaviors such as lack of physical exercise, tobacco use, alcohol consumption and poor nutrition. Also, these diseases are expensive to prevent and…

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