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Nutritional Science Progam in UC Davis

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Nutritional Science Progam in UC Davis

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Nutrition and Diet

Level: College

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How good is the nutritional science program at UC Davis?
The nutritional science program at UC Davis is good on several fronts. As a highly ranked institution in the United States, the institution ensures that students have access to challenging coursework that covers different food concerns. These include obesity, vitamin and mineral intake, food safety, and the need for integrating quality diets into our lives. The institution empowers nutrition majors from the institution to examine the issues, as well as the challenges associated with food safety and availability in developing countries. Besides providing a challenging and comprehensive coursework, nutrition majors from UC Davis can also exploit exciting research and internship opportunities offered by the institution.
This allows the students to experience real-world problems that would enable them to apply their knowledge in developing real-life solutions to the issues. Because of its reputation, clinical nutrition and nutrition science majors from the institution have successfully entered careers in government agencies such as healthcare settings and hospitals, as well as food, pharmaceutical, and animal industries. Majors from the institution have also dominated the public service and education settings at every level. Most importantly, the institution provides a solid base for students that intend to prepare for graduate or professional training in public health,…

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