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Nursing Staff teamwork and Job Satisfaction

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Nursing Staff teamwork and Job Satisfaction

Category: Essay

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: Masters

Pages: 3

Words: 825

This paper deals with the factors affecting job satisfaction in nurses and mainly studies the impact of working environment, medical specialty, number of working hands and personal character of nurses on the job satisfaction experienced by nurses.
1.2 There is a skewed – demand supply situation in the healthcare industry as far as nursing is concerned. There is a huge shortage of well qualified nurses and this profession also has a high attrition rate and so the factors affecting job satisfaction in nurses need to be evaluated in detail. Extensive research has been done in this field and various factors like good doctor – nurse relationship, co-operation among colleagues, fixed work hours, authority to take independent decisions, management policies have been studied in detail.
1.3 Thesis Statement
After giving due consideration to all facts available it seems that the results obtained which state that better job satisfaction is achieved in a good working environment with co-operative co-workers and proper manpower appear to be correct.
Evaluation of Text-
Various studies have been conducted to assess the role of myriad factors in job satisfaction experienced by nurses. Most studies have studied many factors in totality so it is difficult to pin point the effect of a single factor on the question being discussed. Certain studies taken as reference do not have the required sample size.
This study had a sample size of 3675 in 80 different healthcare units and used the Nursi…

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