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Nursing Admission Essay

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Nursing Admission Essay

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: University

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Admissions Essay – Additional Information on Education History
My educational journey has been filled with mixed experiences, both good and bad. I grew up in rural Uganda and attended a local school. However, it is my humble background, and the desire to turn things around that made me work to succeed in my studies. At some point, my mother fell ill and was admitted to a rural clinic that had no single nurse at night. This experience challenged me, and I developed a passion for nursing to transform healthcare delivery in my community. Finally, I graduated from high school as the best student in the district.
When I got an opportunity to study at Howard Community College, I had mixed feelings of optimism and anxiety – hope that finally, I would accomplish my dream of becoming a nurse, and anxiety because of the fear of the challenges I would encounter. Nevertheless, I was able to complete all the science prerequisite courses for a nursing degree and scored impressive grades. I am now ready to proceed with my degree in nursing, and I am confident that I will perform even better, and I am convinced that your Nursing School would be the ideal place to achieve this dream.

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