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Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Clinical Scenarios, Respiration
Student’s Name
What assessment techniques can you use to assess Maureen?
I would prefer to perform bodily inspection and typically utilize for anterior-posterior chest diameter the pursed-lip breathing observation. One of the assessment techniques that I would utilize is spirometry that will lead to a self-assured analysis by categorizing the relentlessness of airflow control. The assessment will determine the severity of the ailment, involving the influence on the patient’s well-being position and the danger of future measures such as hospital entry or exacerbations (Saffel, 2018).
The physician ordered oxygen for Maureen to use. What other steps can you take to help improve Maureen’s breathing and quality of air?
I would suggest some of the COPD exercise packages for Maureen to utilize. Stretching and aerobic exercises would aid her as such exercises labor the lungs and heart, making better the durability. It stretches the muscles and elasticity. By performing these exercises Maureen would be able to utilize oxygen more effectively and, without time, would progress her inhalation. Maureen is required to check with her doctor first before beginning this exercise program. She must adopt a balanced exercise plan with relaxation. A chemical messenger named as anticholinergic bronchodilators makes routes narrow. Utilizing this will aid Maureen’s inhale calmer and reduce the number of serious occurrences she has (Khatri,…

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