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Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: College

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Words: 275

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Reasons for Attending New England Institute of Technology
The first reason for attending New England Institute of Technology is its professors’ attitudes towards students. The professors are ready to help learners understand what they do not get well, including their career paths, majors and minors, and concepts taught in class. The professors in this college have received several public compliments with regards to how they are helpful to students. They always assist learners with anything they need in the institution and remain close to them to maximize their learning experience while in the system. The second reason for my decision to attend the college is its strategic and convenient location. The location of the college is very close to Goddard State Park and Beachwood Beach for snowboarding, skiing, and tubing, in which students like me can get discounts when we attend, alongside several other outdoor exercises.
Furthermore, everything that a student may need, together with a variety of restaurants can be found just 30 minutes away in Warwick, including Feast Sandwich Company, the Tree House Tavern & Bistro, and the Shanty, where students can take their meals at student-friendly prices. Besides, river Potowomut runs through the streets of the college, allowing students to swing on the rope swing or swim in the river when the weather is favorable. The third reason for joining New England Institute of Technology i…

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