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No Topic Needed

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Medicine

Level: Academic

Pages: 3

Words: 825

Looking back on my life, the thought of becoming a physician assistant never crossed my mind. It was not until a year after college graduation, while taking the advice from my father, a urologist, that I became interested in physician assistant studies. Through countless experiences, such as working in hospitals and shadowing health care professionals, my passion and interest in the medical field has grown tremendously. I feel enriched with the patient interaction and I think my interpersonal and communication skills, coupled with my empathy, can help patients, in guiding, counseling, advising and motivating them. I had once applied to PA school before, and did not make it the first time. Probably I did not have the necessary health work experience then. But currently my health sector experience, and certain corporate services which I have rendered, will now give me a much better chance in getting me into a PA school. I am more confident now.
Prior to 2012, I was enrolled in undergraduate courses at the University of Alabama. At times, I was on the Dean’s List for being an exceptional student; other times, I was merely getting by with mediocre grades and minimal effort. Business classes were not of high priority. Extracurricular activities consumed my time. I was immature, and lacked the ambition needed in order to strive as a successful student. I regained my focus and drive, moved out of my fraternity, and rededicated myself towards getting better grades.
After gradu…

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