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Category: Coursework

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The Concept of Interaction in Statistics
The term ‘interaction’ in statistics refers to a special property where two or three variables interact to influence the third variable in a non-additive manner (Ben-Zvi, and Katie 20). In this case, variables are things that we measure, control, or manipulate in research (Ben-Zvi, and Katie 19). The concept of interaction in statistics may be used in different populations to make a valid conclusion. The paper explores the use of the concept of interaction to make a conclusion on the performance of students in a school.
Interaction concept may be applied in a school environment where the school wants to conduct research on factors which influence the student’s performance. The school may use various variables. For example, the students may be grouped as achievement-oriented students as well as achievement avoiders’ students. The school will then subject the students to two different tests where one is a simple test, and the other is a challenging one. From these tests, the school will then try to measure how hard the students work on the tests and tabulate their results as shown below.
Sample test Achievement oriented students
Achievement avoider
Simple tests 5 10
Challenging test 10 5
The information in the above table can be summarized by concluding that challenging tasks in school influence the students to work harder. It is also possible to conclude that achieveme…

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