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Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Ethics

Level: University

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Case study
Bob Dylan is a long-serving clinical pharmacist at the Springhouse Community Hospital a factor that has contributed to the outstanding relationship he has with the other hospital staff and surgeons.
Dr. Rita Moria, a general surgeon at the facility strongly believes in quick surgery when it comes to cases involving strangulated abdominal hernias.
Four days ago, Dr. Moria performed an emergency abdominal hernia repair on J.B but did not request for either pre-surgical or post-surgical antibiotics.
During the process of performing the surgery, Dr. Moria nicked J. B’s large intestine which led to the peritoneal infection that the client developed two days later. Dr. Moria, in turn, directed Backill to be administered orally once daily on J.B to treat the infection.
Pharmacist Dylan has just realized that pre- and post-surgical antibiotics were not administered and the ongoing therapy is not sufficient for peritonitis.
To adequately treat acute peritonitis, Backill should be given intravenously and at intervals of at least every six hours.
Dr. Moria is not a specialist in the treatment of infectious diseases and does like consulting with others even when not sure.
Bob contacted Dr. Moria and recommended that an aggressive dose of Backill medication be administered immediately to the patient.
Dr. Moria gladly accepted Bob’s suggestion and ordered the recommended change to take effect.
For the next few days, the patient’s fever and agony decl…

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