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No Child Left behind Act, stirred a very large controversy on local and political levels as well

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No Child Left behind Act, stirred a very large controversy on local and political levels as well

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Proposal for NCLB Reforms
Proposal for NCLB Reforms
1) Research question: Does the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act need reforms?
2) Working thesis: The NCLB Act has elicited a lot of controversy from local and political spheres owing to the differences in race and class in American public education arena, which have led to inequalities among students, economic and racial segregation in the metropolitans, as well as poor academic concern among the disadvantaged, including those students with learning disabilities.
3) Angle: Inequalities in education relay has been orchestrated especially because the NCLB Act ranks school in accordance to test score thresholds of pupils in every demographic group, thereby shadowing poorly performing schools that may be having the inferior infrastructure. Additionally, the act also places some pupils with disabilities in situations where they are anticipated to pass regular state assessments, as well as blaming schools and teacher when instances of failure occur.
B. Context
1) Education cannot be effectively provided when instances of discrimination are evident in the public education system.
2) Many concerns have been put forth by the public, as well as researchers such as Helmet (2011), and Dee and Jacob (2011) among other experts, who increase validity and credibility in the research.
C. Audience
The audience will be school administrators, policy makers, as well as the general scho…

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