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Nietzsche’s attacks of Christianity in his on genealogy of morals

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Nietzsche’s attacks of Christianity in his on genealogy of morals

Category: Movie Review

Subcategory: Philosophy

Level: Masters

Pages: 15

Words: 4125

Nietzsche critiques and reevaluates Christian values from his genealogy of morals. His work is critical as he makes sure that morality is attacked
Nietzsche clearly proclaims the God as one who died but does this with other thoughts behind his mind. His narrations have implications that are far reaching. He claims that if God died, he then must been a human being who had similar characteristics as common men in the world today. He sees God as one who was presented to provide value to the people, and this means that where God does not exist there is no value. For him life in Christianity was suppressive hence the need for God to die to end the morality of Christians. Nietzsche did not only attack Christianity but also expanded on the reasons why God died. He asserts that the religion of Christianity is both enslaving and hypocrite morality.
The author’s highest attack was on the Protestants stand of their faith without having to have action (Fruncillo 214). He therefore confirms that this kind of practice makes the Christian faithful look deceitful in their eyes. The Christians themselves have neglected the idea of following after God’s idea of faith and endeavored to follow after what they do not understand. Justification by faith indicates that Christians are not able to make use of the concepts of work as demanded by their God. He confirms that it is a reality that no Christian has ever been able to follow faithfully after the teac…

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