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New Urbanism

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New Urbanism

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New Urbanism

I live in a predominantly residential area where most of the houses are dwelling units, with only a few commercial premises. There are numerous houses per unit of land, with a vast network of streets and ample parking spots. Most of the buildings are about 500 ft and are about twenty years old. According to the New Urbanism Smart Scorecard criteria, numerous factors influence the walkability of a locality. A mixed land use, housing density, increased street networks, block lengths of between 300 and 600 feet, scarce parking spaces, and older neighborhoods, all increase the frequency of walking Boer et al., 2007). My community’s design moderately encourages walking. Residents usually walk along the blocks to the available commercial centers through the vast network of streets. However, some prefer to drive since they are assured of parking spaces, and the few commercial sots cannot meet all their needs.
Presently, my community does not suffer from urban sprawl. Although the area has developed rapidly over the past few years, the developments are all controlled. Every developer is required to present his or her designs prior to construction since this is a controlled development area, which minimizes any chances of urban sprawl in the future. However, if more stringent rules are not applied, loopholes in the current development policies may lead to urban sprawl. The principles of New Urbanism may be instrumental in deterring such a situa…

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