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Explain how neurons interact
Neurons interact with the help of both electrical and chemical signals, leading to the conversion of sensory stimuli into electrical signals. Synapses, which are the chemical or electrical junctions, are used in the transfer of signals between the neurons and cells. In muscles, for instance, electrical signals involving the neurons will lead to muscle movement and contraction, leading to change in heart movement in cardiac muscles.
What is a glial cell and how does it relate to a neuron?
Glial cells form a part of the surrounding environment to the neurons and are involved in the provision of support and protective environments to the neurons. The glial cells are known to form an insulative layer around the neurons and are considered as the most abundant cell type within the central nervous system (Get Body Smart). Common forms of glial cells include the microglia, ependymal cells, Schwann cells, and even satellite cells.
Do glia cells differ? Is so please describe how
Glial cells differ in both morphology, anatomical location, and also the function. Microglial cells, for instance, form part of the immune system of the brain and involved in the removal of dead cells and debris. Astrocytes form part of the neurotransmission of chemicals and enable the interaction between signals (Get Body Smart). Oligodendrocytes form a part of the myelin sheath and provide protectiv…

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