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Category: Assignment

Subcategory: Government

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 550

Personal Negotiation Project (PNP)
Overview (20 pts):
Topic: Negotiation with my roommates about cleaning the kitchen
Parties: Me
Alex – Roommate
Tom – Roommate
The negotiation took place on 17th June 2015 at 8 P.M in our hostel room.
Interests (20 pts): We all agreed that hygiene is an important part of our lives. The cleanliness of the kitchen was especially crucial. I did not care about cleanliness in the kitchen in the past, but my former roommate in Tempe, Arizona changed my perspective. However, my roommates did not seem concerned that our kitchen was in a mess. My interest was to decide on a plan that would ensure that the kitchen was always clean, with each of us having a role to play.
Issues negotiated (20 pts): Even though we all agreed that the kitchen needed to be clean, we had no plan on how it would be cleaned. Our only issue here was how the kitchen would be cleaned, without laying the burden on one person. We needed to come up with a schedule that fairly allocated the duty of cleaning to each of us, as well as our commitment to the schedule that we would generate.
Execution/results (60 pts): Initially, Alex came up with an idea. One of us would cook then the rest of us would clean afterwards. However, that idea did not sound satisfactory to me. My experience with my roommates had showed that their levels of commitment were low. I knew that we would eventually go back to having a dirty kitchen, yet we needed to come up with a lasting solution. I took it upon myself to moderate the deliberations, with the hope of guiding my mates to a satisfactory solution. After deliberating for some time, we finally came up with a schedule. We created three tasks, cleaning the stove and cabinets, cleaning the dishes and cleaning the sink and the floor. These tasks would be rotated amongst us. Each of us would have a different chore from the previous day.
Post hoc analysis (60 pts): Since the negotiation, the level of hygiene in the kitchen has significantly improved since each one of us has a role to play. During the negotiation, I used the psychological approach to convince my roommates that we had a situation that needed to be solved. By tapping into their ways of framing and incorporating the information, I managed to convince them to brainstorm about suitable solutions to the situation in the kitchen. I ensured that I used a language that would not sound offensive and one which every one of us could identify with as I floated the idea of cleaning the kitchen. This ensured that my issue of concern was clearly understood. I avoided any hardball tactics and instead, I focused on integrative negotiation. Consequently, none of us felt oppressed or without a role to play in the negotiation. Integrative negotiations ensure that very member in the bargain has an opportunity to air their views without bias. However, in future negotiations, I will pay attention to personal traits to ensure that a solution is found quickly. The individual differences approach argues that personal characteristics have a significant effect on the negotiation process, behavior and outcomes. By paying attention to individual differences in character, I will be in a position to drive the negotiations towards my expected outcome without offending any of the parties involved.


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