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negative impact of social media

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Negative Impact of Social Media
If Socrates were alive in this modern generation, he would term the internet as a bad idea. He left the world of thinking, social interaction and individual hand-taken work that required nothing else than the mind of the particular concern to see the tasks done and completed. His methods of learning required one to read intensively memorize and digest what one read until they hand it in their heads. Secondly, one hand to walk around socializing with various groups of people and learning more from them as you move around. As Socrates Academy was based on the face to face method of argument, the internet on its side has erased all that. The use of the internet and the media in socialization has brought down the value of the utilization of the mind in critical thinking, creativity and interaction in the human world.
Argumentation have lacked in the later days as the digital era have missed the face to face contact that brought people together in all areas; physically, mentally and psychologically. It has been noted that in the educational institutes, working areas and our daily activities, arguments have gone extinct. People in this new era have nothing on how to think and act critically and use logic. Students have been the vulnerable group in the menace of more and daily internet use. They have become addicts of the social sites that have made them dormant in physical socialization …

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