Negative Effects of Steriods

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Negative Effects of Steriods

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Negative Effects of Steroids
The steroid is form of medical treatment and comes in the form of anabolic steroids and corticosteroids. The common and most controversial is the anabolic steroids that have a characteristic behavior of male hormones as shown in (DeNoon para 1, 2005). They are commonly abused by athletes to build muscle; they are medically prescribed to treat muscle degeneration on people suffering from AIDs. For boys who exhibit delayed puberty, they are treated with steroids to induce the development to puberty stage. The use of steroids is not illegal only if it has been prescribed by a doctor. Corticosteroids are used for the treatment of allergies and some autoimmune disorders. They are not controversial since they are not used to gain muscles. For this reason, they are not easily abused since they are only useful for medical treatment as indicated in (DeNoon para 12005). For instance in the treatment of pain and inflammations that have been caused by insect bites, cortisone is a common corticosteroid used. For enlargement muscle case, during a physical work out the muscle tear and while repairing they grow larger and stronger supported by the male hormones. The steroids do the same as male hormones, but the outcome is better and with a short period. The use of steroids has more negative effectives than the positive results.

Background details
There are many types of steroids that come in different forms but for the paper we will focus on an anabolic steroid, which give similar outcomes as the androgenic hormone. The steroids are classified into various categories depending on the hormone it has, the function and the mode of administration as shown in (Types of Steroids….. para 2). There are 32 types of the anabolic steroids that are commonly used and are classified by the mode of administration. The administration can be oral, one can take an injectable, and there are transdermal while some are administered in the subcutaneous layer as implants.
The oral steroid is taken by mouth and examples include oxymetholone and oxandrolone. The second type is injectable, and a syringe is used to administer it’s into the system the examples include Nandrolone-Decanoate and Nandrolone-Cypionate. The third type is transdermal that is introduced into the body via the dermal layer of the skin. The examples of transdermal steroids include Testosterone, which responds similarly to male testosterone hormones (Types of Steroids….. para 3). The last category is Subcutaneous Implant where an implant with hormones is placed under the subcutaneous layer of the skin, and the hormones shed into the body in small amounts for a given duration, to enhance muscle build up. The example in this group includes Testosterone but with a different trade name as Testopel to distinguish between the Testosterone and its derivatives in the category of transdermal steroids as shown in (Types of Steroids….. table). The cost of each steroid varies depending on the type and region across the world, for instance, there are two derivatives of testosterone, which is administered transdermal that is AndroDerm and AndroGel they are both testosterone but with different price in the market. The subcutaneous implants are more expensive that the rest of their effects lasts longer, and the individual doesn’t have to remember to use them until the implants life span is expired. The tablets or syrup taken orally are the cheapest. Their cost is also based on their function in the body. Some help to increase the muscle mass and muscle strength Anadrol, which are initially prescribed for therapeutic purpose in the fight of anemia of muscle wasting as for the cases of HIV/ AIDS victims. Those that are abused include AndroDerm that is administered to men with the low count of testosterone, with low testosterone, they are most likely to exhibit low performance in whatever physical activity they are undertaking (DeNoon para 3, 2005. The AndroDerm steroidal supplement is administered in this context to help improve the performance. This contributes to even already naturally performing athletes to seek to perform even better. This lead to abuse and adverse outcomes with long lasting, effective results. The effects occur on the body, mind, and moods as explained below.
Impact on body
In men the body effects are those that are seen physically, they lead to reduced sperm count can lead sexual disorders like an inability to maintain an erection. The victims have a low sexual drive and so are unable to conceive a child. The sexual dysfunctional is accompanied by swelling and pain on the testicle, and there is decreased hairs on the face and body. The loss of hairs leads to baldness; the bald appears earlier than expected as shown in (Anabolic steroid…para 17, 2015). The steroid user is always at risk of developing breast as a result of elongation of male chest or breast a condition known as gynecomastia. Men using steroids are in danger of developing prostate cancer; steroids are an important aspect of maintaining the biological process that takes place in the prostate glands and also to keep it functioning. However, the presence of steroids over an extended period contributes to the development of cancer of the prostate. Acne fulminan is a form of acne that is triggered by the abuse or overuse of steroids. This is a systemic disease and attack the skin creating some holes and may attack the muscles and joints too. For patients with melasma, they use steroids to lighten the skin after the acne is gone. The use of steroids once it is stopped, the skin starts to become weaker and hence breakouts and acne are experienced again. Another case where steroids are used to heal and subsequently cause an adverse physical effect is when an injection is used by dermatologist to reduce the noticeability of pimples on the skin. The effect is skin lightening and skin thinning, which makes one vulnerable to developing skin cancer on exposure to an excessive amount of ultraviolet rays from the sunlight. Steroids are used to relief stomach problems like stomachache when they are overused or abused for the same purpose; they result from irritation of stomach lining (Anabolic steroid…para 17, 2015). Irritated stomach like makes a person vulnerable to developing stomach ulcers, they are evident in the bloody fecal matter. In female it may lead to loss of breasts, the clitoris may become swollen with persistent use of steroid common in women who participate in the female versions of male sports like boxing and run long races.
Impact on mind
Steroidal use affects the mind, and the impact is termed as psychological. In scientific reports, there has been a link between quick irritability and aggressive behavior. The steroid users become violent with increased dosage of steroidal usage (Anabolic steroid…para 19, 2015). Some studies have linked maniac behavior with the use of steroids; the maniacs behavior is the mental disorder that is characterized by overall over activation due to the use of steroids. With mania, the victim becomes either extremely euphoric or irritated. With time the irritation dominates, and the person terms violent or aggressive.
Impact on Moods
The use of steroid have been linked to changes in moods; one may become hyper on minute and experience a period of low moods which affects the overall social behavior. The abuse of steroids contributes to quick irritability (Anabolic steroid…para 19, 2015). The use of steroids has scientifically been linked to stressful events, when the situation becomes an addiction, the condition over time develops into a depression. Elevated moods lead to overreacting and the person resorts to fighting and other criminal activities like theft.
Case study
The patient in this context is a male 32-year-old, who is a professional muscle builder for seven years now. He has been using Anavar and AndroGel to boost his activity during the gym workout. He was diagnosed with acne and hair loss. From time to time, he would become irritable and aggressive. He would experience mood swings and at times was extreme euphoric.
In conclusion, steroids were designed for medical use but due to the capacity of performing other duties like muscle building, the athletes are the typical victims due to addiction cases. The user exhibits physical/body effect, mental/mind disorders, and other mood problems. The use of steroids for nonmedical purposes is illegal. Medical prescriptions are used to acquire steroids that are most of the time abused. The steroids with androgenic effects are 32 in number, they are administered into the body through the various mechanism like oral, injection, subcutaneous implants, and transdermal. The prices vary depending on the type of the steroid and the end purpose. Some steroid is created to serve only one purpose but some like AndroGel are multipurpose and hence preferred as seen the example in the above case study.
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