NC State is a community that is strong because of the diversity of our perspectives and experiences. Please describe how you could contribute to or benefit from campus diversity.’” (word limit-550)

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NC State is a community that is strong because of the diversity of our perspectives and experiences. Please describe how you could contribute to or benefit from campus diversity.’” (word limit-550)

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How to Contribute To or Benefit From Campus Diversity
Campus diversity has seen NC state grow into strong community through the inception of diverse perspectives and experience. Besides, it has created a conducive environment for people thus fostering a cohesive and all inclusive community. Joining a campus with diversity will add a lot of experience to me through interaction with people from different backgrounds and interests.
To begin with, I will get an opportunity to interact with new ethnicities and religion. Similarly, campus diversity will benefit me by providing a gateway to life graduation. I will be in a position to face the unpredictable world with a lot of courage and determination to counter all the challenges. I will also contribute to campus diversity through being social and interacting with different categories of students. Additionally, the nation is changing, and thus the dynamic education system must be incorporated in campuses to reflect the diversity of the nation. This way, it will be possible to me in a diverse campus to contribute towards national building. Besides, campus diversity will help reduce the education gaps that are caused by education disparities.
Campus diversity will also help me to contribute towards investing in the workforce of the future generation. In return, a diverse workforce will be created from a diverse student population in our campuses. The result is more diverse and skilled workforce that can solve all sorts of problems facing the society. Moreover, a diverse workforce will lead to more innovative and competitive business ideas. As well, diversity is a driver of creativity and innovation that will enable me to acquire creative thinking skills that will allow me to view issues from multiple angles, perspectives and vintage points. Moreover, I will be able to have an expanded view of all possible options in decision making that incorporates both morality, ethics and self-awareness through the diverse backgrounds and experiences.
The bottom line of any individual depends on the diversity of the campus chosen. Thus, any student who chooses a diverse campus will benefit by attaining a strong bottom line for future success. Moreover, national security issues heavily depend on the diversity of our campuses. I will thus contribute to campus diversity through providing an all-inclusive community. Besides, I will be able to enrich the multiple perspectives and thus have a magnified view from an egocentric and ethnocentric point of view. The result is a panoramic perspective of all challenges that I shall face from time to time.
Campus diversity also helps the student increase their knowledge base hence preparing the student to venture into a more global society. The diversity acquired at a college level will prepare me to work with diverse employers, employees thus increasing productivity, competitiveness and corporation. Moreover, I will be well prepared for success in future careers ventures thus achieving career and social development. Of great importance is the expanded worldliness available in a diverse campus when I interact with people from diverse backgrounds with diverse experience.
In conclusion, the benefits of joining a diverse campus will lead to a more competitive and cohesive nation. Besides, I will have several avenues to contribute to the campus diversity. Also, I will gain more opportunities that come with the diversity of a campus. Hence, it is recommended that I join a diverse campus.

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