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Nativsm and Immigration in New york city before and the after industrial revolution

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Nativism and Immigration in New York City: Before and After the Industrial Revolution
From 1820, the United States started to supervise closely the immigrants’ arrival through the Castle Garden Port of New York. However, the use of customs, and entry ports was intertwined with the beginning of the United States’ history. In 1819, the recently created customs service assumed the responsibility of overseeing of immigration. Cargo ships arriving in the United States had to submit a manifest on which the names of the passengers appeared correctly labeled (NARA 1). It was not until 1891 when the U.S. government created an independent office to supervise immigration, the Office of Superintendence of Immigration in the Treasury Department.
Along with the creation of the Superintendence of Immigration, the government decided to create the first immigration station on Ellis Island. The Island is an exclave of the State of New York in New Jersey. The original size of the island was of approximately 3.3 acres, although successive enlargement over the years increased its size to 27.5 acres. Most of the island’s new land was landfill obtained from the excessive earth from the construction of New York’s subway.
It is important to note that by the nineteen century, the United States was a buoyant country. A country growing as fast as the U.S. became a prime spot for prospective settlers who looked to escape f…

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