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Nationalisims in Ireland

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Nationalisims in Ireland

Category: Annotated Bibliography

Subcategory: Geography

Level: Academic

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

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Nationalism in Ireland
Executive summary
Nationalism is the feeling that people have towards their country for a shared history, culture, and principles. The spirit of nationalism brings a people together and gives them a sense of pride towards their nations, and what they share as a group. As indicated by Cairns and Shaun (356), the British wanted to introduce their culture to the Irish people by assimilation but was failed. The sense of pride and a feeling of uniqueness in their culture made the Irish people decline the British offer. England and Scotland had formed a collaboration and attacked Ireland. The result was the partitioning of the 26 Free states into six states that were collectively known as North Ireland. The other twenty were ruled in the separately but still under the British rule as shown in (Kearns para 2). The rebellion on Easter Monday of April 24, 1916, led by Patrick Pearse, was a nationalist activity with various groups from Ireland uniting to liberate Ireland. They attacked the post office and replaced the British flag with the flag of Ireland Republic. Courageously they declared they wanted to grant freedom to exercise self-governance as Irish people. This triggered violence with 3500 men being arrested, but ultimately they were granted independence in 1921 as shown in (“THE LEARNING NETWORK…. ” para 1-3). After Ireland had been granted independence, regions like Ulster had many English and Scottish…

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