Narrate a scene where the weird sisters appear and speak to Macduff after King Duncan is killed.

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Narrate a scene where the weird sisters appear and speak to Macduff after King Duncan is killed.

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King Duncan is dead, and each and turmoil has filled the air. Everyone wondered who would take the thrown to replace the fallen king. And it happened that it was time for the witches, commonly known by the name, weird sisters, to be consulted to at least shed some light on who might be the king. Macduff, being one of the people who were closest to the deceased king, he showed the greatest potential to take the kingship seat.
Eventually, the weird sisters appear and in a dramatic scene they appeared to have taken the crowd by surprise. The weird sisters seem so much interested to speak with Macduff. Firstly, there is a dramatic scene, and just like witches are used to, they are heard uttering words. These words cannot be understood by normal human beings. May be it is a language spoken not her on earth, but in a different world.
The first witch utters some weird words and then all of a sudden the image of a snake appears. Macduff seems to be confused. He asks for clarification of this event. In vociferous voice, one of the witches answered Macduff that there was going to be a calamity that would not only fall on him but hi entire family. Macduff fails to comprehend what the witches are telling him. This is because he did not know how his life would be endangered. But all at once Macduff recalls how Macbeth was always envious of the king’s position and even though he framed the sisters for Duncan’s murder, he was well aware that he is the one who killed the king. This gave Macduff a clear picture of who might put his life in danger and thus inside he promises himself to be extra careful with his life.
The witches then squealed, hissed, chanted and growled with anger. Their thunderstorm voices created a dramatic scene as chill ran down every person’s spine. All of a sudden, as the witches continued their up and down movements, Macbeth’s head appeared in a ghost form. This happened even though Macbeth himself was not in the vicinity. The incidence got Macduff even confused more because he already knew who his real enemy was. The witches warned that the head of the ghost visible was the one who would bring trouble, distress and misery to the family of Macduff.
Lady Macduff and Ross were also in the vicinity. They were heard shouting, throwing rebuking words out of their mouths, probably cursing someone and that person had to be none other than Macbeth.
A whirl wind furiously blew closely. It seemed carrying everything on its way. The witches explained how each and every family will suffer under the yet to be king and in this case Macbeth. By the look of things, deep down his heart, Macduff was dismayed, but he still kept quiet. All of a sudden there was blood that spurted out of the whirl wind. And like an inflated balloon, the whirl wind disappeared as blood spit on the floor. Macduff was quick to ask the symbolic meaning of the event. The witches explained to Macduff that it was a symbol of how the dynasty led by Macbeth would eventually come down abruptly, and every glory he had would eventually be over never to exist again. A sign of relief filled the atmosphere as everyone showed an array of hope again.

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