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Narrate a scene where the weird sisters appear and speak to Macduff after King Duncan is killed.

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King Duncan is dead, and each and turmoil has filled the air. Everyone wondered who would take the thrown to replace the fallen king. And it happened that it was time for the witches, commonly known by the name, weird sisters, to be consulted to at least shed some light on who might be the king. Macduff, being one of the people who were closest to the deceased king, he showed the greatest potential to take the kingship seat.
Eventually, the weird sisters appear and in a dramatic scene they appeared to have taken the crowd by surprise. The weird sisters seem so much interested to speak with Macduff. Firstly, there is a dramatic scene, and just like witches are used to, they are heard uttering words. These words cannot be understood by normal human beings. May be it is a language spoken not her on earth, but in a different world.
The first witch utters some weird words and then all of a sudden the image of a snake appears. Macduff seems to be confused. He asks for clarification of this event. In vociferous voice, one of the witches answered Macduff that there was going to be a calamity that would not only fall on him but hi entire family. Macduff fails to comprehend what the witches are telling him. This is because he did not know how his life would be endangered. But all at once Macduff recalls how Macbeth was always envious of the king’s position and even though he framed the sisters for Duncan’s murder, he was well…

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