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Mystic Monk Coffee Vision nd Mission Company Overview

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Mystic Monk Coffee Vision nd Mission Company Overview

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Mystic Monk Coffee: Vision and Mission; Company Overview
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Mystic Monk Coffee is a coffee brand that was started by a group of monks as a way from earning a living and also to raise funds to buy land where they would construct a new monastery. The company produces a variety of coffee products such as Royal Rum Pecan, Mystic Monk Blend, Cowboy Blend, and Mystical Carmel Chants. Father Daniel Mary established mystic Monk Coffee in the year 2007. The company looks forward to expanding their production level so that they increase profits. Their initial marketing strategy was via word of mouth. They have since then been able to put up a website through which they make their sales. The company’s vision is to construct a new monastery, while their mission is to increase their production for them to be able to achieve this goal. Though they were not able to buy the Irma Lake Ranch they had purposed before, they were able to purchase a different property here they initiated construction of the new monstery.
Keywords: Vision, Mission, Monastery, Mystic Monk Coffee, Increase Production
Mystic Monk Coffee: Vision and Mission; Company Overview
Introduction: Vision and Mission
Mystic Monk Coffee was established in 2007 by Father Daniel Mary, before the Carmelite Order of Monks who lived in Clark. The monks are just a group of thirteen people living in a small home and the sales made from the coffee is used to support them as they look forw…

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