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My Health Information Management Clinical Experience

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My Health Information Management Clinical Experience
Personal health information management (PHIM) are the activities that promote accessing, integration, organization, and use of their personal health information. Some of the activities in PHIM include monitoring and time to time health assessment, and health-related decision making, planning for intervention or a precautionary measure, and action for the decision settled upon. All the activities for personal health information management are directed towards, better health by combating diseases before they occur or in case they occur with someone being unaware. Personal health information can be used to predict health condition of progenies or other related family members.
Monitoring and assessment are the first step towards my health information management for clinical experiences. Once I experience a unique feeling on my body or psychologically I always have a diary where I have all the day’s events and outcome concerning the unique feeling recorded. I always document any new outcome and if the condition worsens I always visit the healthcare expert for further consultations. For instance, if I suddenly develop a knee ache I would track it progress, but I always suspect it is a disease condition when the condition last more than four days. Once they condition resolves without any medical attention, I always keep monitoring to check whether the condition may relapse. Most of the time relapses are associated with disease development especially to another level that is often considered worse, in cases of a relapse I don’t continue with monitoring but seek medical attention before I continue with the surveillance activities. For monitoring I keep the data in my diary, my smartphone application, and sometimes I save them in my email account as drafts. I also have a desktop version of the journal where I easily enter my data and transfer it to other backup locations. That is my prospective method. Some of the retrospective skills for monitoring include tracking back to the circumstance when I experienced the first presentation of a condition. I would try to remember the people around me to ascertain whether there is someone to associate with the current health outcome of disease presentation.
Decision making and planning for healthcare is the step that directs the personal action over a case you have been tracking. The information I have been recording can show me what to do and not, for instance from keeping track of why I am not active during some days after the inadequate sleeping session; I would implement a quality sleeping schedule. With my record, it has always been an easy experience to explain to the doctor and prognosis of a particular condition. I have always used the record to take prevention measure for some conditions. For instance, I realized once when I went to bed without brushing my teeth I would wake up with a mouth odor. To prevent the problem, I dedicated myself to consistent tooth brushing program.
Taking health-related actions, once I have been diagnosed and treated for a particular condition, I make a treatment program. I always set alarms for times when I am supposed to take the medicine. I always try to remember the kind of diet I am supposed to take during a given period of medication. I was once asked to stop using a lot of sugar and salt to manage a healthcare condition, and I had to take an active step in avoiding a lot of sugary and salty foods as a treatment regimen.

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