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My complishments and struggles becoming a Brazilian jiu jitsu purple belt

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My Accomplishments and Struggles Becoming a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple BeltFrom my earlier age, I developed an interest in becoming a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt. Therefore, this has been characterized by my accomplishments and struggles that I have been putting in place for me to be able to succeed in making my dreams come true. The first step I took towards my struggles was to set and fix my waking time. I made sure that by 5:30 am every morning I was out of my bed despite the feeling and urges to sleep for more hours. When the alarm rang, I was always tempted to press the snooze button but the feeling of lethargy for me to put my daily work in the Matts surpassed the temptation to sleep longer.
I started off as a white belt Jiu Jitsu as part of my mission to achieve the purple belt. I stayed focused on the technique that I applied to a lot of repetition till I eventually won two first place medals in the North America Grappling Association. In the long run, I was in a position to receive my purple belt. Similarly, when I had a mishap during my practice and tore my rotating cuff, my personal doctor told me that my days that I had for competitions were over. I felt so sorry for myself since I had many missions that I wished to accomplish before I retire from the competitions. I went through physical therapy with the help of great therapists for six months. Consequently, I was in a position to get well and come back into the c…

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