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Music video of, Ludacris – runaway love

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Music video of, Ludacris – runaway love

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Runaway Love – A Tale of Youth’s Struggle
Ludacris has presented a vibrant picture of the struggles faced by the teenagers and adolescents in his song “Runaway Love” featuring Mary J. Blige. Basically, the song has utilized the genres of Rap and Hip Hop music for conveying those very feelings and emotions.
Rhetorical Analysis and Discussion
The beginning lyrics tell its listeners about the motivational and inspirational outlook of the song. The music video has allowed both these two singers to embark on a trip towards an urban area where they have witnessed three young girls having serious adolescent issues in their lives. The video allows the audience to have a look into their lives and understand their very struggle. The story presented in music video as well as through lyrics, presents the story of little girls that have been “stuck up in the world on her own”. The very beginning of the lyrics clearly depicts the struggles faced by little Lisa. Surely, under the circumstances of fledgling; yet, abusing childhood, the songs also presents the situations that are faced by numerous children in lesser income areas of the United States.
However, Lisa is not the only girl portrayed in the song. The ages of girls ranges from nine years to eleven years old. And, more specifically, their goal in life is to run away from their home at such an early ages. At the end of each verse, Ludacris has showed their feelings by saying “she’s ’bout to run away and never come back.” Also, by the collaboration of lifelong struggles and images, Ludacris likes its audience to understand that whether there are other people who are facing such dreadful times in their lives; it is surely a good option to run away but not to do it alone. The reason behind not running alone is because there would always be someone to help out.
Another remarkable feature that can be shown by music video instead of lyrics is that the video is filmed by a male showing the issues faced by girls, at large. This feature makes the video quite unique and commendable. It is so because, it is quite difficult to find male rappers to speak about female issues; however, most of them talks about sex, drugs and money. By going against the very principles set by the rap gods, Ludacris has created and sent a strong message for the young girls thereby expressing ethos and pathos to strengthen his message.
It also depicts that the artists Ludacris and Mary have both faced similar circumstances in their lives and it is the reason for creating their ethos. In order to depict the struggles of adolescent girls, Ludacris has taken common life examples in today’s modernized society. The presence of different menace including child abuse, becoming a victim of bullet and early-age pregnancy, is the main themes of his song. As described a rhetorical situation as the situation in which the writer or speaker faces the very need for the change and that change can only be achieved through rhetorical discourse (Grant-Davies 265). His core intentions are to portray the struggles faced by the children because the society and more specifically, adults do not understand their needs and consider it worthwhile. However, on the very same grounds, he has tried to convey a message to struggling females that there will be someone that can help them. The tone of the song also plays along quite coherently with the lyrics. Blige has also stated that she also understands the emotions and feelings of the girls going through such massive changes in their lives by saying “I know how you feel, I’ve been there”. For this reason it can be said that she has also successful ethos towards those young girls. Similarly, pathos is also expression by both of these artists as they have rap and sing about they are there to help them. It surely creates motivation by knowing that those famous personalities have gone through the very same things.
Ludacris has showed his care for those young girls by dedicating a video song for them. The micro level of the genre is also presented because it is more specified and relatively smaller than the macro level issues that are presented in urban settings. The lyrics along with the scenes in the music video have allowed Ludacris to share stories about the struggling girls that are growing up in an urban areas. Proper demarcation of each scene allows the accurate depiction of every scene being discussed at the respective moments in song. However, the lack of logos is present in the video because Ludacris is a male and surely, has no experience of those issues. But, with Blige’s help, he has created a syllogism for the very song as Blige has also faced the very same things in her life. Moreover, she has got out of it and become considerably stronger and successful woman.
Together with examination of factual and emotional component, colors and shapes in videos also play a remarkable role. As per Bang in Everything’s a Text: Reading for Composition, the sense of calmness and stability are reflected from flat, smooth and horizontal shapes (Melzer, Dan and Coxwell-Tengue 228). Most of the characters in the video are retained on a flat surface and they have walked along the sidewalks and streets while viewing those issues. However, the ladies continued to remain on the ground. From this, Ludacris has showed them that even there is still hope for them for getting out of their troubles. Also, the larger the picture is, the more stronger the feeling it carries (Melzer, Dan and Coxwell-Tengue 239). During the part of song when Blige sings in big tunnel with candles, she was assuring them that everything will eventually become better and that she will “runaway with you”.
All in all, the depiction of music video of Runaway Love, crafted by Ludacris and Mary J. Blige, has showed social characteristics of today’s society. All the constraints that are stitched as part of video have made the video provide a more diversified outlook. Some of these very social constraints include teen issues that were quite commonly discussed and hence possess emotional responses of young girls in it. One of the response is “popping pills to relieve the pain”. Also, Ludacris has also talked about the abuse of girls at the hands of men because they do not fulfill the wishes of older men. Also, getting back to the very constraint that this idea is made as a part of today’s modernized society in urban setting is not entirely coherent. Nevertheless, these dreading issues and their respective responses are a part of the social stereotypes that the society has made during the past few decades.

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