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Music Analysis On Social Issue Of Drugs

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Music Analysis On Social Issue Of Drugs
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American popular culture has been propagated by the use of music and songs. Media plays a vital role in enhancing the messages of such especially those that projects the social issues that entrench in our contemporary societies today. Music lyrics has addresses the social issues in America. The drug is one of primary issue that music has been projected through the social media. Some of the songs that will get analyzed in this essay include, Feel Good Hit of the Summer; I’m Waiting for the Man, Junkhead, Sugar Man, and Toy Soldiers. The list vividly shows how to some extent music can help persuade and change someone’s notion towards the use of drugs.
Feel Good Hit of the Summer is one of the songs that was composed by the Queens of Stone Age in the year 2000. The song primarily talks about drugs, and this is projected to its seven lines. Almost all the lines speak of a drug. The song proposes the use of drugs, especially during the summer periods. It specifically addresses the youth that usually go out to enjoy during the summer times. It was a band song. This aspect was despite the fact that it was primary enticing listeners to use drugs like marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, and valium. It should be noted that the song primarily endorses the use of drugs.
Additionally, I’m Waiting for the Man was a song composed by Velvet Underground and Nico. The album got genera…

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