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Mr Bill

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Formula for total daily expenses
To sum up daily expenses, Fj = SUM (Bj:Ej), where, j is the column number.
For instance, total daily expenses for;
14-Sep = F5 = SUM (B5:E5)
15-Sep = F6 = SUM (B6:E6)
16-Sep = F7 = SUM (B7:E7)
17-Sep = F8 = SUM (B8:E8)
18-Sep = F9 = SUM (B9:E9)
19-Sep = F10 = SUM (B10:E10)
And the grand total for all daily expenses = F11 = SUM (F5:F10)
Weekly totals
The formula for weekly totals per class of expense will be given by:
Auto/Gas weekly totals = B13 = SUM (B5:B11)
Hotels weekly totals = C13 = SUM (C5:C11)
Meals weekly totals = D13 = SUM (D5:D11)
Weekly totals for other expenses = E13 = SUM (E5:E11)
Receipt required
Print YES
To print YES in column G where daily expenses are greater than or equal to $100
14-Sep = G5 = IF (F5>=100, “YES”)
15-Sep = G6 = IF (F6>=100, “YES”)
16-Sep = G7 = IF (F7>=100, “YES”)
17-Sep = G8 = IF (F8>=100, “YES”)
18-Sep = G9 = IF (F9>=100, “YES”)
19-Sep = G10 = IF (F10>=100, “YES”)
Part 2: Networking
As the modern business environment becomes more complex, networked computing systems are equally becoming a preferred solution to the complex business problems (Donckels & Lambrecht, 1995). In essence, Bill requires a well-networked system through which most business activities and processes can be completed. Morgan (2013) notes two suitable networking options that can be applied in small businesses.
Gigabit Ethernet connectivity that consists of fast …

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