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Movie Review

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Movie Review

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Movie Review “Angela”
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“Angela” 1995 film has proved to demonstrate the significant issues affecting children at the Industry (competence) vs. Inferiority stage, hence affecting their psychological, mental, and physical development. Angela, the main character in the film, becomes mentally ill for lack of proper parental care. Having been brought up in a dysfunctional family, she thought a lot about her parents. Her thoughts damaged her mental, chronological, physical, or behavioral development. This movie demonstrates the need for parents and guardians to guide and educate their children during the Competence vs. Inferiority stage. The American Psychological Association also argues that parents must teach their children the positive life skills necessary at this stage, including being independent and self-awareness of themselves. This movie is essential, for it is educative on the need for proper child development during her early childhood. In cases of dysfunctional families, children at this stage must be observed and undergo psychological therapy to avoid child-trauma and depression.
Keywords: Psychology, Dysfunctional, Mental Illness, Competence vs Inferiority

“Angela” is an award-winning movie that was released in the year 1995 (Miller, 2018). Directed by Rebecca Miller, the PG-ratings film depicts the story of Angela, 10-year-old-girl, questing to “purify” herself. She and her family had …

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