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Motivation letter

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Motivation letter

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Art

Level: Academic

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Admission essay
Currently, I have just received my high school diploma IB, from the New School, International school of Georgia. I am awaiting my results in July, specifically my certificate, but I have the high school diploma already. I aspire to become a film director and am applying in the university EICAR.
My aspiration and career ambition to become a film director is not a flash in the pan. It took shape during my high school years only when I was being grounded in a psychology course, which has a high relevance in filming. The most vibrant examples are the Hitchcock movies which are entirely based on the intriguing aspects of the human mind. Although I have no direct experience in this area, watching films and reading books in great numbers, have shaped my interest to a great level. I will try my utmost to utilize these in filmmaking, once I enroll for this in the university.
I am applying for a Bachelor’s degree, in Fine Arts, for an intense 3-year program. The university has 5 core areas of filmmaking, namely-screenwriting, cinematography, directing, editing and production management. The first year requires all these modules to be studied, and in the second year, I can choose a special area, of which would be film-making or as said generally, film directing, i.e. becoming a director by occupation.
A director has to be a jack of all tra…

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