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Motivation and Performance Management

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Motivation and Performance Management

Category: Compare and Contrast Essay

Subcategory: Business

Level: College

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Motivation and Performance Management
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The organizational commitment just as it sounds is the linkage established between an individual and the organization they work. It is the weight of the relative strength of a person’s involvement and identification with a specified group Nelson, D. L., & Quick, J. C. (2009). Organizational commitment exhibits in a person by their acceptance and active trust on the goals of the firm. The belief translates to readiness and willingness of the individual to exert extra efforts on behalf of the company. Organizational commitments also come by the strong urge to retain the membership of the firm. According to Nelson, D. L., & Quick, J. C. (2009) job satisfaction though being a construct that highly correlates to organizational commitment is clearly distinct from the organizational commitment. Job satisfaction reads as an aspect of organizational commitment in various researchers and scholarly articles because of the correlation. However, the two aspects can also adopt a perception as distinct paradigms in the organization.
Job satisfaction is the level on which an employee develops a positive or a negative attitude towards their job in an organization. Job satisfaction is primarily a reaction to the multiple aspects and conditions of the job. These elements include factors such as the payment, the working conditions and environment, and especially the work itself. Job satisfaction differ…

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