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Moral, ethical and legal issues in Josie’s King story

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Moral, ethical and legal issues in Josie’s King story

Category: Common App Essay

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: College

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In Josie’s Story, the moral thing that Sorrel King did was urging hospitals to try and listen very carefully at what parents say regarding their sick children. There was a need for someone to come out and speak out regarding this issue. Most of the hospitals would assume what parents used to say regarding their children is nonsense. It was therefore very important for the same society to have someone who could advise the hospitals to demand that the hospitals need to understand the importance of parents in the health of their children. It would always take a very special person to be able to tragedies that take place in the society to be something positive on its own. It is more than wonderful to hear the story of the author speak of her daughter Josie and the whole crusade. She could have done it better by advising the parents to be assistive on the medical state of their children.
The ethical thing that takes place in this story is the step that Sorrel King takes. She does not take an affirmative action against the hospitals but rather opts to have a very peaceful crusade that would spur the same motion. She takes a very brave step into opting to have a very positive and peaceful campaign to advise the hospitals on what needs to be done. She follows the right chain, and that is, what is more, ethical about it; the fact that she gets to follow a certain criterion before laying out her grievances. Nothing more could have come out different from this since it was the best thing and step that she took.
The legal concept that is brought up in the story is the medical negligence that takes place in hospitals. Sorrel King saw her daughter die in her eyes despite the fact that she had been in a state that needed better medical care. The legal aspect that has been brought up is the fact that the doctors in the region do not put so much pressure on making sure that their patients get well; this is their legal duty to do so.

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