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Monroe motivated sequence persuasive speech Revision – Copy

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Need for Gun control in U.S
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How does it feel losing a close friend or family member? Is it something that we are proud watching every winter? Is it something that we cherish every summer? Is it a menace that we can’t control every year?
Well, statistics show that every two holidays annually in U.S, there must be a death case caused by misuse of guns, every two years more than hundred deaths are as a result of shootings and every two months more than six people purchase guns legally in U.S. it is time and hour that we all support gun control bill for the benefit of the nation and the coming (Johnson, 2015).
“As a concerned citizen, I am certain sure gun control bill will ensure guns are purchased by the right people and controlled directly by the authorities, as drafted in the new bill.” “This is the best time and moment to stand up and get counted for supporting gun control bill; don’t you see how insecure every part of the country is? Yes”
Some of the recent mass shootings in the US have been linked to inadequate or lack of background checks on the suitability of the suspects in terms of mental capacity among other satisfactory factors (Johnson, 2015). The National Riffles Association should reconsider its stand on gun control as it is the biggest impending challenge in enforcing gun control in U.S. Ladies and gentlemen, according to statists from National …

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