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Module 6

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Module 6

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How Chronic Health Condition Affect the Ability to Age in a Healthy Manner
How Chronic Health Condition Affect the Ability to Age in a Healthy Manner
Chronic illness significantly affects lifestyle, emotional life, self-esteem and social ties, education, and physical well-being of the patient (Christie & Khatun, 2012). As the illness continuously develops, it leads to peer groups’ isolation. It may cause the blossoming of friendships and increase parental dependence. Compared to their healthy peers, young individuals suffering from chronic illnesses experience a lower quality of life, as well as family structure disruption. The level of anxiety depression is twice as high among chronically ill young people compared to their healthy peers.
Risk Factors
Numerous chronic complications can bear cognitive effects. Children suffering from sickle cell have been proven to have reduced cognitive functioning abilities whereas those with diabetes suffer the risk of slow processing speed, memory impairment or forgetfulness, diverted attention, and reduced verbal intelligence (Christie & Khatun, 2012).. Other chronic ailments like epilepsy also affect an affected individual depending on the type of anti-epileptic treatment being administered. The potential effects include reduced memory, learning difficulties and reduced processing speed. In additional, research has proven that cancer survivors have declining IQ with different cognitive …

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