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modernism and post modernmism

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modernism and post modernmism

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The Modernism movement aimed at revolting against the traditional styles and concepts of realism and advocated for more progressive notions. Through incorporating styles such as constructivism, futurism, and new typography, modernists built new and innovative values that embraced new technology CITATION Arm09 l 1033 (Armstrong, 2009). Graphic designs from Bauhaus design movement are archetypal examples of modernism particularly Herbert Bayer’s 1926 poster for Bauhaus 60th-birthday presentation for Wassily Kandinsky CITATION Arm09 l 1033 (Armstrong, 2009). The poster design exemplifies the modernist concept of functionality in an attempt at coping with the newly mechanized society CITATION Wes13 l 1033 (Westwood, 2013). The elements of the grid design are carefully aligned and balanced to construct a logical arrangement that is accessible to all. Additionally, the oblique posture aims at strengthening the space. The clarity of information was a critical factor in modernism and artists made only functional and symmetrical designs discarding non-essential such as ornamentations CITATION Tsc28 l 1033 (Tschichold, 1928). The functionality in design prompts the optical order of placement and size, in the poster the most essential facts are more prominent followed by the secondary facts. The industrial revolution in this period prompted the artists to be adjusted with technology, the …

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