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Mitigating Legal Issues

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Mitigating Legal Issues
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Mitigating Legal Issues
Most organizations have found themselves in a serious policy challenges as a result of lack of defined policies. To mitigate unforeseen legal challenges, organizations need to have internal regulations that provide direction in case of any conflict. Diversity and sexual harassment policies are two important policies that shape the operations in today’s dynamic organizations. Sara consultancy offers recruitment services in oil and gas industry. This industry requires expertise hence the company’s employees have to operate in a favorable environment to enable them seek the right people for the organization’s clients. The two policies need to be well integrated in Sara consultancy. One of the ways of integrating the policy is by communicating it to all stakeholders in a clear and understandable manner.
Sara Consultancy
1. Equality and Diversity Policy
This policy guides how Sara employees will be treated by all senior staff and board members. Sara Employees are also expected to use this policy as a guide on how they should behave towards one another and when dealing with clients and all stakeholders at all times both within and outside Sara premises. This policy aims to achieve diversity and equality purposes for all Sara employees irrespective of their age, ethnic origin, national origin, material status, age, position in the company, sexualit…

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