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Mission Statement Revised

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Mission Statement Revised

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Marketing

Level: Masters

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Mission Statement
A mission statement shows the intentions of a company and the quality of services they offer to the clients. It gives a summary of the purpose through identifying its sole purpose. Several steps have to be considered before coming up with a mission statement. One of them is the target market and the competitors that are likely to affect the performances of the firm. A books store offers several kinds of books to different readers. The main target market for a bookstore are those who are literate and interested in various topics related to healthcare matters. This paper is about the UCSF Bookstore that is found within Gertrudes’ hospital. The store provides books for the hospital visitors of all ages and educational levels. Before designing a mission statement, it is best to have a strategic plan for the issues that are to be addressed in the statement. This should involve the initial goals and the analysis of the environment for the statement. The hospital provides a perfect market for the bookstore.
Keywords: mission statement, book store, Gertrudes hospital, strategic plan

UCSF bookstore at the GETRUDES’ Hospital provides books for adults and children at all educational levels. The mission statement of the bookstore is as follows:
“At UCSF bookstore, our mission is to give the community a wide range of books to provide everyone with an opportunity to expand their knowledge…

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