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Millennials are Eager to Shop, Reluctant to Buy, by Arnold J. Karr

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Millennials are Eager to Shop, Reluctant to Buy, by Arnold J. Karr

Karr Arnold in his short article titled Millennials eager to shop, reluctant to buy, is of the view that markers are faced with the challenge of convincing the young generation to acquire products because such consumers prefer hiring and bartering instead of buying. In his view, the young generation, which he calls millennials, are always in contact with products, brands, and services even before they attempt to make a purchase, something that promote the activities of marketers with creative minds, but at the same time complicating actual sales. In a survey that the Intelligence Group conducted, it was established that millennials apply various strategies in accessing the products, including brick and mortar, e-commerce, m-commerce, and social media. Unfortunately, they simply analyze the details of products and services, but they do not buy them. One of the strategists at TIG, Jamie Gutfreud, attributes this new trend to the recession, which affected the buying behaviour of consumers since they are careful when it comes to spending their finances.
The author suggests that the Millennials are an important group because it constitutes a larger percentage of consumers not only in the United States but in other parts of the world as well. The group rarely buy products unless they access them online. Some entrepreneurs are aware of the new trend, and they have devised a system in which these young consumers are …

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